Brazilians & Packages



The Mini is a step up from the Basic. It includes taking more in on the sides and bringing the top down lower with bottom included. What is left is a wide neat strip which goes all the way down










The Strip is one your classic Brazilians. Everything is taken off and a strip or triangle is left to your desired size







Simply the sides only. Recommended for first time waxers, or sparse hair types who aren't game for a Brazilian wax


 $31 *hot wax only

​Package 1                             




                  Full Leg                                        


Package 2



                Half Leg



Package 2.0                                                                                  Underarm                        


                  Half Leg                             


Package 3                                                                 

                   Eyebrow                                                                       Underarm


                   Half Leg  






2 + MINI
4 + FULL


The Basic includes the sides, inner thighs aswell as slightly taking some off the top. This is more than your typical standard bikini and does not include the bottom



IThe Full is taking everything off completely, that's right...nothing left!






e*If you already have your own clipper attachment from your previous wax please bring in and a clipper will not be an extra charge unless it is not compatible. Personal clipper attachments are recommended for hygienic reasons & complete your brazilian service   


This isn't your typical bikini wax. For something a little quirky and different, why not request a shape. A shape is stenciled on the skin then waxed & tweezed to perfection. Hairs are taken off like a traditional Brazilian however a shape is left on the top. Choose a love heart, initial, star or arrow. If you have a particular shape in mind, just let us know and we'll see what we can do!



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