Spray tan



At Bayside Brazilian we use a variety of the top best selling brands. We believe that not all skin types suit one particular tan. We personalize tanning with continually evolving with the most advance solutions released to date. The solutions we currently have at Bayside Brazilian are:

Vani-T Velocity Rapid 

Mine Tan Lux Oil

Mine Tan Ash 

All of our tans range from a minimum of 1 hour up to 5 hours 'wash and wear'.

We recommend booking  to have your full body spray application 24 - 48 hours before your event. Exfoliating is key to a smooth lasting tan.

Come in not wearing any moisturizers, deodorant or make-up. (If you would like colour applied to your face)

Dark loose clothing should be worn or changed into directly after your tan. A bra should not been worn for the first few hours after the application to avoid the tan moving or rubbing off. 


We take pride in using natural, australian made, paraben & cruelty free formulas that deliver the most natural colour to the level you desire, without any off-set of orange.


Standard Single 


Vani-T Velocity Rapid

Mine Tan Lux Oil

Mine Tan Ash


Mine Tan Lux + Oil                  $65




Standard Packages 


2 x Full Body Spray-tans   $89  

($44.50 a tan)

3 x Full Body Spray-tans   $130 

($43 a tan)

5 x Full Body Spray-tans   $200

($40 a tan)